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Three by teamoth
Concept development for a project. I though the overall effect was pretty, even though the photographs suck...
Kollo by teamoth
Ethiopian mountain (or tree) spirit that looks like a four-horned cockerel.

(The sources about this creature are scarce and so my depiction could be inaccurate, but I wanted to include it in the series nonetheless).



1) Post the rules.
2) Share ten facts about yourself.
3) Answer the ten questions asked by the person who tagged you.  
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Facts about teamoth:

1) I have three different kinds of synesthesia: grapheme-colour, spatial sequence and sound-touch.

2) My totally unhealthy obsession with Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza started the moment I read somewhere he was a really nice person.

3) My bookshelves are mostly packed with a) magical realism novels, and b) anthropology, history and ethnology essays.

4) I once fell off the window of a five-storey derelict building and spent like three minutes dangling from the windowsill until a friend rescued me.

5) World music fascinates me. It's the best music genre to dance to.

6) One of my favourite pastimes is that of creating puppets, shadow play spectacles, costumes and masks with my friends. Most of the materials we use, we get from dumpsters. 

7) Due to my sound-touch synesthesia, I find certain voices very relaxing. I always work or draw while listening to movies or tv series, even if can't watch them.

8) I'm a sucker for colours.

9) A bird once mistook my afro for a bush and tried to rip off a chunk for its nest.

10) I'm easily moved to tears- both of joy and of sadness.

LyletheRooster's Questions:

1) What subjects do you write/draw about often?

Virtually everything I do is related to folklore, mythology, history or anthropology in some way. Sometimes to all four of them at once.

2) Are there any repeating or overarching themes that can be found in your work?

The mysterious aspect of everyday life. And I seem to be drawing lots of animals of late.

3) What other artists/writers have given you inspiration?

Paul Delvaux, Dave McKean, Jacek Yerka, Phoebe Wahl, Stacey Rozich, Angie Hoffmeister, Sallamari Rantala and the wonderful ConfusedLarch. Go check her Deviantart gallery.

4) Why did you decide to get a DeviantArt account?

I've discovered many of the people I admire thanks to Deviantart and having an account there was something of an aspiration for me. It took
years for my stuff to become decent enough to be shown, though.

5) What are your favorite things to do on a cold, rainy day?

Staging a shadow puppet play with my friends, making blanket forts, reading history books, listening to world music.

6) What are your favorite things to do on a hot, sunny day?

Rock-climbing, hiking, tea parties, Marco Polo (but with everyone's eyes closed), breaking into abandoned buildings, climbing to roofs.

7) What are your greatest fears?

Loneliness, and not having enough money to support myself.

8) What matters most to you in a friendship/relationship?

Mutual respect and shared interests.

9) Where do your morals come from?

My mother. She's the most selfless, honest and upright person I know.

10) If you were given a million dollars, what would you spend it on, other than college tuition?

My loved ones, books and art supplies. And perhaps a Barong mask.

teamoth's Questions:

1) Is there someone you really admire?

2) How do you feel when you draw?

3) What is your favourite medium?

4) Is there a medium you find particularly difficult?

5) Where would you like to travel?

6) Has some literary genre inspired your art?

7) Are there any artists that you can't stand?

8) What's your favourite colour, and does it dominate your artwork?

9) Do you think art can be used as a sort of therapy?

10) What do you like to do in your free time, besides drawing?

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